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Over 30 years photographing over 1,000 weddings in the UK and abroad. Registry office or five star hotel, it makes no difference. Every wedding is special and unique and so your photos will reflect that. Make Nigel Crump Photography YOUR choice for YOUR wedding day! Not just for now but for generations to come. Contact me now shoot@nigelcrump.co.uk. Dont leave it to chance or even a friend!


Bucks Steam Centre Quainton

So it just days away from the next Wedding Fair, this time at Quainton Steam railway. It is a most amazing location for a wedding. You will understand if you come and see. If you want something really quirky and off-the-wall, this is the place to hold your wedding.

Nigel Crump Photography will be attending this event on Sunday 6th between 11am and 3pm. I will be taking bookings for 2018 despite my announcement to finish in 2017. I know many couples are planning well in advance so I will keep my prices static for another 12 months.

You can get married on a proper railway platform completely covered from the elements, surrounded with steam memorabilia and features from a proud past.

Enjoy a trip on the train and wow your guests right into the evening. It is well serviced for accomodation within 5 miles at Waddesdon and Aylesbury.

Your wedding can be themed in a way that expresses the mood and peroid of a bygone age, but your photos can look modern and unique. Leave it to Nigel Crump Photography and you will want to keep looking at them for years to come.



Luton Hoo Wedding Showcase

Thursday 20th October 2016 5-8pm will be the last but one wedding show for Nigel Crump Photography. I have enjoyed working at Luton Hoo emensely and look forward to 2017 to attend a number of weddings already booked. There is something quite special about working at Luton Hoo in Bedfordshire, it is after all the grandest venue in a 25 mile radius. It offers the complete package and ticks so many boxes for both young couples and the more senior ones too. I love to see people’s reaction when they first walk into the grand Hall or wonder around the beautiful Capability Brown gardens. It is history at your finger tips.

To have a wedding in the Mansion house is quite stunning. The group shots on the steps showing the back of the house bathed in afternoon sunshine. The bride as she descends the great staircase where once royalty and celebrity have trod. The red carpets carry you through the historical building along the first floor past many beautiful chandeliers and tapestries. You will often hear the chink of china cups in the sitting room as guests enjoy high tea and savour the views out towards Harpenden.

I look forward to seeing some couples at the Wedding showcase and hope the enjoy the unrivaled spectacle of the Romanov Suite. Capability Brown designed gardenrain confetti

Looking ahead

Its been a long time since I last wrote a blog, terrible I know… BUT times have changed. We moved DWP Imaging Ltd out of Luton, a company that was started by David Whiting in 1969. He had the forethought to realise that Luton consisted of a number of large manufacturing companies which fed engineering businesses and as times moved on more and more companies set up in Luton. Whitbread, SKF, Electrolux, Vauxhall Motors, Bedford Trucks, Chrysler to name but a few. All of which had a massive need for photography. Construction drew in the like of Barratts, Wimpey, Laing all large companies in the building sector and all needing good quality photography. Times were good over that period and DWP Imaging Ltd, or David Whiting Photography as they were originally known serviced all these companies and more.

So over the 46 and a bit years things have changed dramatically, with the disappearance of film and processing went several key jobs and so our employee numbers dropped from twelve to its present state of three. John and myself doing the bulk of the photography and Lynne doing the accounts. We have moved our studio to premises in Wingrave and continue to offer studio and location work to key clients in all parts of the country.

There is often not the need for the client to be present, enabling us to recieve the products and shoot them same day and send the images digitally. We are now part of The Commercial Photographers Network which enables us to be part of a team offering National clients the ability to cover large contracts anywhere in the country.

Whislt all this has been going on I have continued to offer my services under my own banner of Nigel Crump Photography, mainly in weddings and the odd corporate event. But I have made a concious decision that 2017 will be my last year as a wedding photographer.

I have enjoyed the ride but now feel that I would like to step away from that market. I may still do the odd friend and family event though. Nigel Crump Photography will still exist in some form.

End of the season…..nearly

2015 wedding season is almost at a close. I have had the pleasure of meeting some lovely families and had the joy of experiencing couples tying the knot right in front of my lens.  It always makes me feel humble as in most cases I have only known the couple for a short period, anything between weeks and sometimes a year or so. But in that time we will often have conversations about all manner of things, from dress to location. The weather does come up alot, but truthfully it is the ONLY thing we have no control over. But saying that we can have every contingency for bad weather. That is why it is so, so important that we consider where to take the photos, it will test a photographer’s mettle when working in adverse conditions but it is always the sign of a good professional.

My life has been spent in photography, not just on the odd Saturday sometimes seven days a week both in commercial photography as well as wedding photography. It has taken me to some wonderful places both in the UK and abroad. It is challenging but very rewarding. i see a number of new photographers on the block who undersell their services mainly because they are not very good. They will pick up work because they are cheap and unfortunately not experienced in some of the areas I have mentioned and it can all go very wrong.

So it is always good to find a venue that is workable both indoors and out. Also work with professionals who have the experience and knowledge to carry out the work and perform on the day. With all of those things in place your wedding will be everything you imagined, maybe more.

I will be at Luton Hoo wedding Showcase today from 5-8pm 22nd October in the mansion house. Come along and have a chat.

Nigel Crump Photography

What finer place to have your wedding?

What finer place to have your wedding?

View over gardens Happy couple The secret garden

Horwood House Wedding Fair

This Sunday 11am until 3pm I will be at Horwood House Wedding showcase for the Scannappeal Cancer Fighting Fund for Stoke Mandeville Hospital. It will be another opportunity to come and see how Nigel works. You could be saving money and help raise money for such a worth cause. A donation has already been made to the appeal. If you come and book Nigel as your photographer an additional donation will be made. Horwood house is wonderful venue in winter and summer. Horwood houseS&DW_025

Luton hoo Hotel, Spa and golf THE venue in Bedfordshire Live like a King… or Queen

Nigel Crump Photography is proud to announce that we are one of just three selected photographers that are endorsed by the Hotel. That means that they are confident that we are professional, experienced and capable of working within this wonderful venue. My association with the hotel exceeds its period as a hotel. Luton Hoo has played a large part of my life, in my work and my family life. I worked with Mr and Mrs Phillips who lived in the great mansion house, photographing treasures and history articles from the connection with the Imperial Russian family. It was a dark, cold building full of tales to tell. Then in 2007 Elite Hotels opened its doors so that all could wander in the splendour of this iconic building and Capability Brown designed gardens. Several millions was spent to bring the building up to today’s standards. When you arrive you will experience five star standards as soon as you come through the door. Imagine a wedding in these surroundings. It will be magical, individual and memorable beyond belief. You can contact me on 07976 220017 where we can meet for a coffee or tea and enjoy for a short time live like royalty. Nigel Crump can also be contacted <shoot@nigelcrump.co.uk>The ceremony The Romanov or chapel House, terrace and secret garden Read the rest of this page »

New for 2015 Preferred supplier to Luton Hoo, Missenden Abbey and Dorton House

Historical walk

This year is very exciting for Nigel Crump photography. I am now on the preferred suppliers list to Luton Hoo Hotel, Golf and Spa, Dorton House and Missenden Abbey, Great Missenden. All three locations are very different, but all in their own way amazing venues for both corporate events and weddings. In the coming weeks I am preparing display albums for potential clients to see and appreciate how having the knowledge of the location is so important. It ensures that your chosen photographer achieves the right results and makes best use of the facilities.
All photographers will tell you that they love working at new locations, but familiarity will always help make the day go a lot smoother.

Luton Hoo is a grade one listed mansion house amongst beautiful Bedfordshire countryside boasting a five star hotel, eighteen hole golf course and luxurious spa complex. It also features Warren Weir that can host corporate events and wedding shows. I have had the pleasure of working at this venue for over 15 years, even before it became a hotel. It is truly a wonderful venue and rather special for your wedding day.

A stroll to the house

A stroll to the house






Dorton House is situated near Chilton in Buckinghamshire.
Conventionally it is a preparatory school Ashfold School but during the school holidays it opens its doors to bridal parties. It also has St John the Baptist Church within the grounds. It has an old staircase that can transport you back to Charles Dickens Oliver Twist and Tom Browns school days.
The personal service that Jamie offers makes your wedding day unique . Not one thing is too much and that makes you feel special. It is within easy reach of Thame, Aylesbury and Bicester.Dorton House






Missenden Abbey, Great Missenden offers a twelfth century Abbey and Conference Centre mixing character and sensible practicality. It houses a mix of surprises and beauty. Plenty of space but personal enough to make it feel cosy. Efficient and friendly staff will help you impress your guests and offers lovely walks down to the River Misbourne, idyllic on a warm summers evening.

Nigel Crump Photography is more than happy to work with you at any of these venues or many more in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire offering the knowledge and experience that comes with attending weddings over many years.




Buckingamshire Wedding photographer

C&DW__368Recently Nigel Crump Photography attended three wedding shows, two in Aylesbury and one at Luton Hoo. There were a large number of brides looking at getting married in 2017. Many of those planning for 2016 are looking for venues, so until such time they cant book the services of a photographer. I am constantly asked if I know of any good venues. My knowledge of venues is extensive BUT I have very little knowledge of prices and packages. I always consider the venue in terms of locations for photos. Also whether there are areas indoors where we can photograph if the weather turns for the worse. Also if it is a venue that I have regularly worked at I know the staff and how the operation of a wedding is handled.

There are many very good venues in Herts, Beds and Bucks and I have photos and comments for any couples wishing to preview before they commit. Of course there are many things to consider apart from the price and what they have to offer in terms of a package. Some venues do not have accommodation, some offer really good incentives to book rooms as part of the package. There are some venues where I would definately not work at again…

Nigel Crump Photography at Luton Hoo Hotel and Spa’s wedding showcase this Sunday and special offer!!

JKW__532This Sunday, 26th of October, Luton Hoo Hotel and Spa, located in Bedfordshire, will be holding their wonderful Wedding Showcase, in the beautiful chapel, once again. You are promised a great range of talented suppliers offering their expertise and services to all who visit them. With a perfect selection of perveyors to choose from, whether you are looking for inspiration or to book them for your wedding day, I’m sure you will find what you are looking for.

The setting of this event is in one of the most magical venues Nigel Crump Photography has worked in. Set in stunning grounds, Luton Hoo Hotel and Spa is certainly a luxury venue that will have you in awe. From the grand staircase to the fountain set in the incredible gardens, designed by Capablity Brown and the ideal setting for some beautiful photographs, the whole building is certainly a place to be seen. Nigel certainly knows the ins and outs of the building and grounds after working there, as a wedding and corporate photographer, for over 10 years; even before it became a hotel.

Also, for a show special, Nigel Crump Photography is offering a FREE parents album if you book with him from visiting the Nigel Crump Photography’s stand at Luton Hoo Hotel and Spa’s Wedding Showcase.

So why not come along and visit Nigel Crump Photography, along with some other suppliers, to have a word as well as look at more of Nigel’s work on Sunday the 26th of October from 11.00 am till 4.00 pm. For more information visit the official webpage: http://www.lutonhoo.co.uk/luton-hoo-wedding-showcase

Aylesbury Gateway Wedding show Sunday 19th October

This Sunday Aylesbury Gateway open their doors to another Wedding show. Nigel Crump Photography will be there and after the success of Aylesbury Waterside Theatre it should be another fantastic turnout. With the wedding season coming to a close for 2014, it has to be said it has been an amazing year, surpassing all others. My last wedding of the year actually starts in 2014 and goes through to 2015, so it both my last of this year and my first of next year all in one. It takes place at Essendon Golf Club which is another new venue for me.

In between time I am at The Woburn Hotel formerly the Inn at Woburn, Wrest Park and Luton Hoo.  On Sunday 26th Oct I will be showing at Luton Hoo for the Wedding Showcase this for preferred suppliers to exhibit their skills. This last couple of months I have worked at Chicheley Hall, Newport Pagnell, Missenden Abbey, Great Missenden, West Lodge Hotel, Aston Clinton,  St Mary’s Church, Old Linslade and my own church here in Wingrave.

Orders for albums have been trickling in and parents albums have been particularly popular this year. I know it is going to be a rush to get orders out for Christmas, but I will try. So heres hoping for a busy 2015, I am already getting bookings for 2016, it seems so far away.


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