Wedding photographer in Bedfordshire

Why choose a professional photographer when Uncle Roy has a Nikon? Well Uncle Roy is a Nikon owner, he is not a photographer. You may save £500.00 you may even save £1000.00, but even when the confetti has blown away and the last guest has left, you will be wondering if you made the right decision. Digital photography makes the operation a lot easier.  But I would not trust Uncle Roy to take out my tonsils just because he owns a knife. My philosophy is that I am a professional, I am used to dealing with people, I know how weddings work and how to keep everyone happy. I do my job quickly and efficiently but with care and attention to detail. I plan and make notes before the day. That truly is why you should book a professional photographer, you don’t want to start your married life with a regret. That also means no pressure on Uncle Roy. (Nigel Crump Photography)


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