Its official ‘2012 is going to be a romantic year for couples’

The very stairs in Knebworth House, "I could have been something".You may already be well into planning for your big day, there is so much to plan and set out. Once the dates are confirmed, the wheels are in motion. Lists and choices, forms and options. How does it all work? Well professional wedding planners have a good idea of that; they will suggest people to contact who they have worked with before. At times venues will also have a list of preferred suppliers, that doesn’t always mean they are the best, they just like working with them. Ask yourself if you spend x amount on a supplier is he or she going to be any better than someone who will cost less? Go with your gut feeling. It is often the best answer. If they come across as professional then the job is done. Dealing with the public is so different to dealing with commercial clients, but then saying that, a lot of what I have learnt in the commercial world works very well with dealing with the public. A wedding is such an important event and I will ensure that from my part it all goes to plan and the couple will get the results that they want.what if it rains???.The interesting point of this venue Knebworth House is that when I went to recce the location in was in January 2010 I walked onto a film set in a suit and carrying a clip board. It was the set for ‘The King’s speech’. I did apologise to Helena Bonham-Carter and Colin Firth! I was almost an extra.
I have also since worked at Drapers Hall which also appears in the movie.

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