A wedding photographer for all seasons

At Elite Hotel’s Luton Hoo hotel and Spa Nigel Crump has been plying his trade since the hotel opened, even before October 2007 he had connections with the Phillips family.  Nicolas with his commercial interests ( Capability Green) and Lucy with records of the artefacts and collections at the Mansion House. Still to this day he gets a feeling of the history and decadence of a past life within the four walls.

Grade 1 listed building with an amazing history

We have used the house and grounds for fashion shoots (DWP Imaging Ltd) ( Nigel Rayment Millinery), and I was so thrilled when Elite Hotels asked me to supply wedding photography.  I received a wonderful letter from Graeme Bateman Managing Director of Elite Hotels after the grand opening, thanking me for my work.

For 2012 season I will be looking forward to going back again to Luton Hoo and take great honour in being the chosen supplier of wedding photography to so many couples.

The splendour of the house, the staircase, the Romonov Suite, the sitting room, the library, the formal garden and the secret garden all things that make Luton Hoo like no other wedding venue in the country.


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