Choosing your venue…..

Obviously this is a major chunk of your budget, so you will be choosing wisely. So first things first. Is it within your budget? Is it accessible to all guests? Is there a good range of accommodation either within the facilities or near-by? Will you get exclusive use? How flexible are the staff? How professional are the staff? Can you get reduction on numbers staying overnight? Does it feel right for BOTH of you? Do the facilities cater for all eventualities? Access for disabled, parking for all guests. One important consideration for me is variety of backgrounds for photos, both in and out doors. Contingency plans if it rains. My recommendation would be go and watch a wedding take place and ask to speak to the couple after the wedding. Continuously subscribe to blogs and face book pages. Never fear from asking the obvious, what you are being charged for and when do you need to pay. With all your suppliers make a list of things that have been agreed and get them signed, it might seems a little over the top but, sometimes you can be dealing with 5 or 6 different people involved at the wedding venue alone. I love working at so many venues in Herts Beds and Bucks and each one is individual.


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