Wedding season in full swing

The Inn @ Woburn is a fantastic venue in Bedfordshire, it affords the splendour of the Woburn Estate and enables a photographer to use most of the normally off-limits areas. Unfortunately Saturday 28th April was a wet day, but it didn’t spoil the occasion of a wonderful celebration of marriage. Alison looked absolutely amazing in a very classical designer gown. Her bouquet full of English Roses and contrasted with Alchemilla mollis.

Her smiles made us forget about the weather as she prepared for the ceremony. The advantage of using Woburn is that the rooms are literally two steps and a jump from the little room where the legal bit takes

David seemed very relaxed as he posed with his twin brother for pre-ceremony photos. The whole day, in fact seemed very relaxed and despite not venturing outside, we managed to get some lovely photos of the whole occasion.

The main room where the ceremony takes place is a light spacious room delicately painted with complimentary colours.I love working there.

Now that the bride and groom are back from their honeymoon, they have had a chance to see the photos and I think I can confidently say they are very pleased.


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