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Why YOU use Professionals


The weather is the one thing we cant predict, when couples decide on a date for their wedding its pot-luck whether it will be rain or shine. It is also often the time when your photographer calls upon all of his/her skills to control the situation. Taking flash lighting can save the day, part-time photographers don’t always consider this important. Nigel Crump always carries two of everything just to make sure. Lighting is an important part of a photographer’s equipment and I always have plenty of it. Never can be too sure or over confident that it will be fine on the day. The result is that people are depending on us to get the pictures as that is what they have employed us for. My last three wedding have been hit by high gusting winds, torrential rain and black clouds, BUT the silver lining is …. They employed me to get the pictures, so that is what I do. and the results speak for themselves.

Why YOU use professionals