Wedding season is steaming along

This weekend Nigel Crump photography has two weddings, the first at Buckinghamshire Railway Centre where Polly and Charley get married in a train spotters dream location, with bunting hung and trains looking spick and span. It is a fantastic location for a marriage. Train arrives on platform at 5pm to be whisked the 1/3 mile down the line and back. The ceremony itself takes place on the covered platform surrounded by friends and family, suitcases and milk churns, porters trolleys and everything you would expect from a bygone era.

On Sunday Nigel travels a little further to Dorton house which is a grade 1 listed building of Jacobean period with some amazing architecture and gardens. It houses Ashfold prep school; a feeder school to Stowe. Here Clare and Tony are to be wed in the refectory; a place that you would expect Dicken’s Mr Bumble to appear at any moment. It seems strange to walk into the school hall and not hear the voices of young children and the footsteps on the old wooden floor boards.


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