Planning your wedding, tips and advice

Some of you I met recently at Quainton Wedding Fair, some have made enquiries, and some I have met at Luton Hoo Wedding Fair, all of you are getting married 2013/14 so there is a link to all of you.

You know the whole organisation thing can be a drag for some, the most important thing is that you do what YOU want and you enjoy it so much on the day.  Of course there is the small point of doing things right as most mums will tell you.  But, there is no right  or wrong way, its how you want it, so that is important.   I am getting many couples saying that they only want candid or ‘Reportage’ photos, that is how they want it so that is fine, but please think that in years to come, those few formal photos of the families ARE important to future generations, particularly if your children or grand children never get to see those people in person.  Never get a relative to capture your most important day, it happens here and it happens everywhere.

Think of what is in season for your big day. Will they stand up to the stresses and strains of the day? Long stem flowers look nice but not always easy to hold for long periods and can look worse for wear by the end of the photos. Go for natural colours that represent your mood or theme and never go too big they can surprisingly become heavy after a few hours. A great photo to capture is throwing the bouquet, I add a bit of spice by offering free portrait photography for the lucky girl. For more info go to Signature Flowers.

Now ladies it doesn’t take someone like me to advise on a wedding dress, but I am speaking from personal experience of many years of  weddings and fashion photography.  Look at photos, magazines and TV. Choices and more choices. You will know when it is right, it feels right and looks right. Take mum along, or best friend but not both. Get someone to take a picture of you in your dress of choice both front and back, you cant tell from looking in the mirror, strangely because everything is reversed in the mirror you will never be seen like that! If you have a picture from a magazine send me a picture with a head and shoulders shot of you and I will put it together for you to see. Always think about the seasons, not too much flesh showing for winter, you wont enjoy your wedding and not too low cut if it doesn’t flatter. For the larger lady make sure the bodice is not too tight, it will cut in and not look good. Remember heights of you and your partner, some dresses will add height without high shoes and while we are on the subject; wear your wedding shoes before the big day, it is the most common site to see poor brides rubbing their feet during the wedding breakfast. For more info go to;

Something Different?
For that themed wedding you have always wanted, consider bunting and classic china on the tables. It could look amazing for a totally themed look that will get the guests talking for years to come.

Bars and Drinks
Doing your own bar can save money but consider bringing in an outside hire company like H&C Bars professional and competent, suitably dressed and welcoming for your big day.

The most important thing on your wedding day?

You two… ENJOY IT.

Dont forget Ice the Cake Wedding Fair Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury, Sunday September 2nd 2012


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