A trip to Horwood House on Sunday at Great Horwood

I was pleasantly surprised at Horwood House in Little Horwood this weekend, with its close proximity to Milton Keynes it is the ideal location for a wedding venue. It look resplendent as I walked down the tree lined drive to it’s entrance.  Heart Radio were holding a wedding fair but I was not exhibiting, I  was however planning to meet a couple with parents in tow to discuss their photography requirements for their 2013 nuptials. Horwood house, built in 1911 was sold in 1992 by BT, who used it as a training facility to the Principal Hayley Group. http://www.principal-hayley.com/browse-our-hotels/horwood-house/wedding–events.aspx. With Autumnal colours all around the sun was trying its hardest to sell the facility.

The good news is that Mel and Nigel booked me for their October 2013 wedding and its another new venue for me. The wedding fair seemed to be ticking along, not a rush, more a trickle of couples coming through the doors.Having spoken to couples and exhibitors alike I ask the question ” Do couples find Wedding fairs all too confusing?” How can they differentiate between one supplier and another? There were only four photographers but they all seemed busy and deep in conversation, you do only have a short time to connect with your potential customer.

My suggestion would be to do a sort of speed networking set up or even Dragon’s Den type scenario, who knows? All can say is there are so many suppliers all fighting for the business and I’m afraid to say some…. not all, venues and event management organisations are cashing in on this.


Well just to set the balance, I will be exhibiting next Sunday at Luton Hoo wedding showcase 28th October, so I will see if I get the amount of business I have historically gained at this amazing venue in the past. My knowledge of the facility and my connection with the  staff there will hopefully prove to be a winning combination. Bookings for 2013/14 are coming in at a steady pace, but now there is so much competition for services. Prices will stay the same again for 2013/14 absorbing more increased costs in supplies. But I am well aware that although obtaining business is not totally price driven it does have a bearing on the total budget. I’m not too proud to admit that there are a number of very good photographers out there , but I am totally committed to giving a  professional service, keeping couples informed all the way leading up to the wedding, the big day itself, performing to the best of my ability and post wedding, going that extra mile to make sure that the experience with Nigel Crump Photography is a good experience. So much so that I am now being asked to do presentations on why it is important to be professional and stay focused.


I hope to meet some of you at the Wedding showcase,  next Sunday at Luton Hoo,


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