Why I love being a photographer

Friday 2nd November turned out to be a very productive day. First of all I arrived at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre to arrange a photo shoot for promotion of the forth coming wedding fair on Sunday 13th January. With Carla and Harriet (MUA) already working their magic on Daisy and Lauren, our brides for day. It seemed to be coming together nicely, Sue from Ice the Cake who had pulled all of this together and seemed happy that it was all going to plan. Lydia and Emma were busy dressing the set with burgundy flowers, bouquets, beautiful crockery and cakes to create a typical ‘POSH’ tea for two. The scene was set with our two models in Bridal gowns supplied by Maddy from Bicester Bridal Tea and cakes with a beautiful floral arrangement ready to capture on digital.

We did another set in the upper floor bar and staircase to create some great mood pictures. All to say is a big Thank you to all the people that helped make it a success. Ice the Cake ( Sue and Merill) Lydia Sugar and Lace cake Company. Emma Signature Flowers of Quainton, Maddy of Bicester Bridal, Harriet Bartley and Carla make up artists. all can be found on  http://www.icethecake.co.uk/>

With a quick bite to eat I was then on my way to Dunstable to meet a couple to discuss their wedding plans. I am pleased to say they were a wonderful pair, who really are very much in love and it was plain to see that they are so excited with their plans for their big day. We discussed all manner of things and it was great to impart my knowledge to help them feel relaxed. For some the whole idea of planning a wedding can be an arduous task. But by walking through it with them, I think I left them quite happy and content, oh and by the way they DID book me.

Tea for two





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