Gemma and Robert’s fantastic Day

Saturday 15th December was a very special day for Gemma Cotton and Robert Whyman, for it was on this day that they took their wedding vows in the splendid surroundings  that are Luton Hoo Hotel and Spa. It was the most wonderful day for both of them and the weather held beautifully. The photos were supplied by Nigel Crump Photography and having met on  two occasions  previously at Luton Hoo they had gone through the planning for the big day with fine detail. After the ceremony the couple descended the great staircase where many famous people have once trod, an almost angelic vision was there to behold and Nigel has captured it beautifully. He tends to use supplementary lighting around the staircase because it is a little dark for his pictures. Knowing the set up at the Hoo is invaluable in dealing with winter weddings and he always get so much help and assistance from the staff.

One of the things that Gemma had wished for was a little snow to add romance to the occasion, but alas there was no snow, but undeterred Nigel had other plans. Having finished taking photos around the Christmas tree of the happy couple, he aquired a room in the basement and with colour printer, trimmer, laptop and a funky Christmas glitter globe purchased from Tiger Store he produced a snowy result and presented it to the couple during the meal. So even though there was nosnow on the ground the couple did have a little winter scene of their own.

Nigel Crump Photography

Angelic bride descends the great staircase at Luton Hoo
Angelic bride descends the great staircase at Luton Hoo
Glitter Globe
Glitter Globe




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