Aylesbury Waterside Theatre Wedding show Sunday January 13th 2013

Just two weeks to go until the Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury opens it doors to the Ice the Cake wedding show. There you will find an array of good things to help you plan your wedding for 2013/14 seasons. There are catwalk shows, demonstrations and many stands, there’s music and lots of inspirational things that will help you theme your wedding. What better way to start the year and banish the post-Christmas blues. It will be a lively 11.00am start and wrap up to a conclusion at 4.pm, after which your head will be buzzing with ideas and your goody bags (if you come early enough) will be bursting with ideas and contacts for you to peruse at your leisure. The Waterside theatre may not be your first choice of venue but there are some sparkling packages on offer to make your wedding day get centre stage and be the talk of town.

Nigel Crump Photography will be in the theatre so make a B-line to his stand and see what he can do to make your wedding the star attraction. Come and enjoy the magic!http://www.icethecake.co.uk

Coming soon!
Coming soon!

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