How romantic are you?

Weddings and civil partnerships are on the up I’m pleased to say 2013 has certainly seen an increase in enquiries for wedding photography in Beds, Bucks and Herts and I’m sure it is an upward trend. But with Valentine’s Day 1 week away I want to ask the young couples, males particularly, how romantic are you? Red roses are fantastic, a candle-lit dinner for two very popular, chocolates a firm favourite. But how far are you guys willing to go to woo your loved one?
Email me your stories, it can be as sloppy as you like, it can be a funny story, a moving story, a story with real purpose or clever thinking. As a prominent wedding photographer in the three counties I meet a lot of couples planning for their big day. Often the ladies are keen to make sure they book a professional who knows the score, who understands what they desire for their special day. You may already be planning your wedding, some true romantics may be waiting for the 14th February as the day they propose, if this is the case let me know where and when.
The deadline is the 13th February, the winner will receive some wonderful prizes. There are options for you to choose. Chocolates and Champagne, A free engaged portrait, if you make a booking for your wedding photography you will receive a massive 15% discount of all of the packages. There may be some surprises in there too.
The criterea is you must live within the three counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, tell me in an email that romance is not dead and how you plan to ensure you are a romantic soul and see it as an important part of your relationship, not just for Valentines Day.


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