Photo shoot teenage party fun

montageDo you remember your first teen party? Jelly and ice cream were out, not cool. No it was a new outfit, make-up, maybe pieced ears and that’s just the boys. Things have changed very little. Now its peer pressure to have a better event than your classmates. Fairy parties, Gym parties, swim parties, any sort of party. But for our young pubescent teenage girls dressing up and slapping on the make-up is  the way to go. Its fun,fun, fun all the way.

So when my now thirteen year old daughter suggested a photo-session my blood ran cold. Seven excitable teenage girls running amok amongst my expensive photographic kit, lighting cameras and backgrounds. I think I may have uttered the words NOOOOOOOO!  But it was my daughter’s request and I finally agreed. She produced a shooting list of four sessions, crazy, beach, posh party and anything goes. A select band of close friends were invited and instructed. Church hall booked, equipment listed and the day soon arrived. I set up a light background and lit with some coloured gels to make it a little’ funky’. The girls arrived in good time avec make-up. They were surprisingly calm and all ready for their first photo-session. Look this way, move that way, hold still, smile, enjoy yourself, the girls were giving me these instructions and more. It all went surprisingly well. Everyone had a lot of fun and the music wasn’t too loud. The results were great and the shoot was a great success!

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