Wedding past, present and future

ESW_459This part of my wedding blog is dedicated to all my Bride and groom past present and future. The idea is to share knowledge and experience from those couples who have already tied the knot. To those partners who are planning their weddings for 2013 and 2014. It may seem a long way away for some couples but as each month then weeks go by that date seems ever closer. You may well have a list of things you have to do, but not necessarily know what order to do them in. You may be planning to go to countless wedding fairs and scan lots of websites and buy magazines all to do with you big day. But at the end of it all you want to do is stamp your own personal theme and feel to it , that what makes it special and rewarding. You want your guests to enjoy and feel comfortable at your wedding, so planning every last detail is.important. Make sure you have given yourself enough time to go around and thank your guests, you don’t want speeches that go on too long, but make them amusing witty and reflective.

This from Emma and Stuart who got married at Chicheley Hall in 2012 “The only thing I would have changed would have been to take an extra few days off before, life is so hectic it wasn’t possible. We got married on the Saturday and I only had the Friday before off. On reflection the Wednesday and Thursday would have been great to get into the swing of family and friends arriving, of course there would have been more time to drink champagne too!
Chicheley has been brought out by the De Vere group so quite a lot is changing, but we are still hoping to head back in June and celebrate our 1st anniversary.
All the photos are great, I would say to other brides to be – make sure you put a lovely photo frame on your wedding list as you’re going to have so many pictures you want to display!”

and this from Lizzie and David

” The day for us was like a whirl-wind, time seem to be passing without taking in all that was happening around us, it was like being in a bubble. We loved every moment of it and still frequently look at our wonderful album of memories. We so enjoyed our wedding and having loving and kind people around us. I wouldn’t have changed anything apart from wanting to do it again… with the same man of course!”

Keep your stories and experiences coming, love to hear from those of you who are planning for 2013/14. Let us know the order of your list of things to do, how much time have you allowed for invites and then when do you chase people up who have not replied? Where do you  go to source your suppliers/ Have you looked at <>

Good luck



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