Aylesbury Waterside Theatre Wedding Show

Sunday 15th September Nigel Crump photography will be appearing at AWT. A chance to meet and discuss your wedding plans for2014. This is a great venue for a wedding show as it proved last year. Enquiries are picking up now after the summer holidays and couples are starting to look for their suppliers in all sorts of ways. My photography packages come with the reassurance that I have been covering weddings for over 30 years. My knowledge and experience in that time prepares me for most eventualities. It still fails to surprise me that there are people are still looking for a ‘cheap’ photographer and find them wanting when they get the results back. It is so disappointing that the market has been flooded with ‘weekend warriors’ offering amazing photography at incredible prices. My advice is ask to see there work a complete wedding if possible, ask if they have lighting. Discuss a contingency plan for inclement weather. Have you considered the photography in your venue choice? What is included in the package? Do you get a disk with all images high-resolution and non-watermarked. I heard just the other day a photographer charged £200.00 to remove the watermark from his files.

Don’t forget it is the most important day of your life, don’t underestimate the importance of making the right choices.


Nigel Crump Photographymontage reflec


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