Luton hoo Wedding showcase

Sunday 20th October is the Luton Hoo wedding showcase. I will be there to show potential couples why choosing Nigel Crump Photography for your wedding photographer is paramount to the smooth running of your wedding day. With bags of experience and a willingness to supply the style that you want. It often is a combination of formal and informal photos but more importantly a reflection of the day, whether it is at Luton Hoo in the magnificent surroundings of this amazing house and gardens or a civil ceremony and marquee celebration.

You can see the sort of pictures that I take from my portfolio but you need to see me in action and how I have a calming influence on the day. This is good news for all brides who may have been to many weddings in the past, but it is never like your own! Only last week whilst at the Brides house doing preparation pictures, we discovered that the bridesmaids car that was to take them to the venue had broken down. So I immediately put a call into a contact friend of mine. We could have had a car in 15 minutes. As it happened I took all the personal belongings in my car and we managed to get all five bridesmaids to the venue on time. These things happen but we were all calm about it on the day.

So much preparation goes into your wedding day but there are things that happen you cannot plan for. So it is good to have professionals around you. Luton Hoo for example offers a whole gamut of locations and backgrounds, but knowing all of these areas beforehand gives me an advantage over many other photographers.

Once you come and see Luton Hoo you will fall in love with the place. You will be in the presence of royalty, of film stars, of politicians that have walked the hallowed halls, slipped down the famous marble staircase as Kate Winslett did.  Even stand at the grand entrance as did Winston Churchill as he spoke to 100,000 people in 1948.

Honour to spitfire pilot
Honour to spitfire pilot

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