Aylesbury Theatre Wedding show once again a triumph

Nigel Crump Photography recorded a magnificent wedding show on Sunday 9th February. Once again it broke all records for attendance and is by far the best and biggest Wedding show in the county of Buckinghamshire. Thanks to all of the efforts of Sue Page from Ice the Cake she has once again surpassed all expectations.

Whilst many exhibitors were busy setting up their stands BBC 3 Counties Radio was in the Theatre foyer on their mystery treasure hunt which takes them around the 3 counties. With such a good turnout it was hard to see any of the suppliers coming away without any new business. 300 goodie bags were taken by the early birds and they went in minutes. As the foyer filled up more and more brides were coming through the door. With a great flourish the doors to the auditorium were opened and in rushed the throng of people. Brides with two, three, sometimes five helpers, mums and friends to assist in the decision making for their BIG day. Nigel Crump Photography covered the event with his cameras, but did not join the many exhibitors, as he wanted to concentrate on the image capture. Not having a stand was a big decision but he thinks the right one as bookings are continuing to come in apace and he is more or less fully booked for 2014. If someone does ask and I can do the date then I will offer my services, I hate to turn work away. The photos show the three catwalk shows that took place with 3 leading bridal houses showing their gowns, Anna McDonald, Bicester Bridal and Confetti of Tring.

I do hope Sue can find the energy to do another show this year, but for now she deserves a well learned rest.


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