2014 fully booked. BUT taking bookings for 2015

Wedding photography is such a difficult purchase for many, with so many photographers out there. But what you are buying into is confidence, satisfaction, and understanding that your photographer has the ability to produce the images that YOU want. An initial meeting will give you a good indication of all of those factors. Being professional counts for a lot and giving plenty of feedback, suggestions and tips for the big day also is very beneficial. Meeting couples for the first time gives me a great buzz and I get excited for them in their planning.

This year’s bookings have been interesting in that the majority of them have gone for the album package which includes many free extras. I have added a free portrait sitting and print which can be used for guests to sign at the reception. Thank you cards come as part of the package, because as soon as couples get back from their honeymoon they must get those out quickly. A proof book gives an example of every image taken, this allows for couples to show their friends and relatives, rather than images on a disk or the completed album which comes about 10 weeks after the wedding. All the design is unique for every album. Mini books come as a complete replica as the couples album, but smaller and compact and start at around £30.00 each for two.


Tomorrow (Thursday) Im back at Tewin Watermill for Heather and Matt’s Wedding, the forecast is sunny and warm. Last Saturday I was at The Gatehouse in St Albans and then at Porters Park. I have recently delivered Melissa and Nigel’s wedding album, they were thrilled with it. That wedding took place at Horwood House last October.

This year again will have me going to some new venues, which is always exciting, so onwards and upwards to 2015.



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