How much does wedding photography cost?

If I had a pound for every time someone asked me how much for wedding photography? I posted something recently on Facebook “What would you expect to pay for a wedding photographer?”  There were a number of people that came back and said they paid around £250.00 and got a really good job. I am not doubting them one bit or questioning their integrity. There are always going to be cheaper, cheaper venues, cheaper dresses, cheaper cakes. You are buying not only the product but the person, we buy from people and if you want to feel confident and secure that you have purchased more that just the product then thats your answer.

Its not just about the day either, but the run up to the day. When I have an enquiry form come in via email, I reply with a email and then a follow up call. Meeting couples is far better than conversing over emails because, in my mind, its making that connection that is important. We all agree that there are many good photographers out there, but quite frankly, there are also many bad photographers. People claiming to be professional photographers, who are not, they may not be spending more than one or two days a month taking pictures. They may not even be insured, they may not be part of a body of people or a federation.  This can be damaging if, for any reason, the photographer does not produce what he or she claims initially. Finally having that reassurance that, god forbid your booked photographer falls ill or worse that they have someone in the industry to call on.



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