Nigel Crump Photography at Luton Hoo Hotel and Spa’s wedding showcase this Sunday and special offer!!

JKW__532This Sunday, 26th of October, Luton Hoo Hotel and Spa, located in Bedfordshire, will be holding their wonderful Wedding Showcase, in the beautiful chapel, once again. You are promised a great range of talented suppliers offering their expertise and services to all who visit them. With a perfect selection of perveyors to choose from, whether you are looking for inspiration or to book them for your wedding day, I’m sure you will find what you are looking for.

The setting of this event is in one of the most magical venues Nigel Crump Photography has worked in. Set in stunning grounds, Luton Hoo Hotel and Spa is certainly a luxury venue that will have you in awe. From the grand staircase to the fountain set in the incredible gardens, designed by Capablity Brown and the ideal setting for some beautiful photographs, the whole building is certainly a place to be seen. Nigel certainly knows the ins and outs of the building and grounds after working there, as a wedding and corporate photographer, for over 10 years; even before it became a hotel.

Also, for a show special, Nigel Crump Photography is offering a FREE parents album if you book with him from visiting the Nigel Crump Photography’s stand at Luton Hoo Hotel and Spa’s Wedding Showcase.

So why not come along and visit Nigel Crump Photography, along with some other suppliers, to have a word as well as look at more of Nigel’s work on Sunday the 26th of October from 11.00 am till 4.00 pm. For more information visit the official webpage:


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