End of the season…..nearly

2015 wedding season is almost at a close. I have had the pleasure of meeting some lovely families and had the joy of experiencing couples tying the knot right in front of my lens.  It always makes me feel humble as in most cases I have only known the couple for a short period, anything between weeks and sometimes a year or so. But in that time we will often have conversations about all manner of things, from dress to location. The weather does come up alot, but truthfully it is the ONLY thing we have no control over. But saying that we can have every contingency for bad weather. That is why it is so, so important that we consider where to take the photos, it will test a photographer’s mettle when working in adverse conditions but it is always the sign of a good professional.

My life has been spent in photography, not just on the odd Saturday sometimes seven days a week both in commercial photography as well as wedding photography. It has taken me to some wonderful places both in the UK and abroad. It is challenging but very rewarding. i see a number of new photographers on the block who undersell their services mainly because they are not very good. They will pick up work because they are cheap and unfortunately not experienced in some of the areas I have mentioned and it can all go very wrong.

So it is always good to find a venue that is workable both indoors and out. Also work with professionals who have the experience and knowledge to carry out the work and perform on the day. With all of those things in place your wedding will be everything you imagined, maybe more.

I will be at Luton Hoo wedding Showcase today from 5-8pm 22nd October in the mansion house. Come along and have a chat.

Nigel Crump Photography

What finer place to have your wedding?
What finer place to have your wedding?

View over gardens Happy couple The secret garden


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