Looking ahead

Its been a long time since I last wrote a blog, terrible I know… BUT times have changed. We moved DWP Imaging Ltd out of Luton, a company that was started by David Whiting in 1969. He had the forethought to realise that Luton consisted of a number of large manufacturing companies which fed engineering businesses and as times moved on more and more companies set up in Luton. Whitbread, SKF, Electrolux, Vauxhall Motors, Bedford Trucks, Chrysler to name but a few. All of which had a massive need for photography. Construction drew in the like of Barratts, Wimpey, Laing all large companies in the building sector and all needing good quality photography. Times were good over that period and DWP Imaging Ltd, or David Whiting Photography as they were originally known serviced all these companies and more.

So over the 46 and a bit years things have changed dramatically, with the disappearance of film and processing went several key jobs and so our employee numbers dropped from twelve to its present state of three. John and myself doing the bulk of the photography and Lynne doing the accounts. We have moved our studio to premises in Wingrave and continue to offer studio and location work to key clients in all parts of the country.

There is often not the need for the client to be present, enabling us to recieve the products and shoot them same day and send the images digitally. We are now part of The Commercial Photographers Network which enables us to be part of a team offering National clients the ability to cover large contracts anywhere in the country.

Whislt all this has been going on I have continued to offer my services under my own banner of Nigel Crump Photography, mainly in weddings and the odd corporate event. But I have made a concious decision that 2017 will be my last year as a wedding photographer.

I have enjoyed the ride but now feel that I would like to step away from that market. I may still do the odd friend and family event though. Nigel Crump Photography will still exist in some form.

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