Weddings at Luton Hoo

I’m back at Luton Hoo this Saturday to see Gill and Matt tie the knot. I’m really excited about their wedding as it has been planned for many months. Luton Hoo holds something special for me and I love working there. I hope the weather is just fine, but even if it’s not there are so many places where one can work. The guests will love the drive up to the Mansion House. The Pillared hall and along to the sitting room where the celebration takes place. It is a sombre moment whilst the legal part is carried out, but it is done in such a relaxed way, everyone feels at ease.

There is so much history and heritage surrounding Luton Hoo and it is there for everyone to experience. When Elite bought the building and the gardens back in 2007 it once again became a building of splendour and extravagance. You certainly will feel spoilt if you attend an event at Luton Hoo. You also must take a walk around the estate to enjoy the many aspects of the location. Capability Brown designed the gardens to enjoy and if you have time wander down to the secret gardens and look back towards the house.

Take time to enjoy your time at Luton Hoo and maybe I may see you there for tea or coffee. I would be delighted to show you around.


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