Tips on wedding photographers

What to ask for when booking your wedding photographer :-

Does he or she have Public Liability Insurance?

Many venues are asking for a minimum of £5 million, one I work with asks for £10million public liability insurance.

Terms and conditions or T&Cs’

You must ask to see a photographers T&Cs’ It may mention refunds or what the photographer will do if they are ill, car broken down, or some other situation. As a professional for more years than I could mention I have built up a network of people I can call on at short notice. I have many favours to call in.

Does your photographer have a back up camera?

Occasionally the unthinkable happens. A camera malfunction or worse, a camera gets dropped. All good professionals will test their equipment the night before a wedding, always carry spares and keep every part of their equipment regularly serviced and the sensor cleaned .

Have you asked to see a complete wedding, rather than just the best pictures of several weddings?

Always we show our best work, but neglect to show a complete wedding from start to finish. I show potential clients a complete wedding as I produce an A4 proof book of EVERY picture. This is delivered 2 weeks after the wedding, just in time for your return from your honeymoon.

Does your photographer retouch every image, or just the odd few?

I will work the files for you in terms of presenting the best set for the proof book, but when you choose your photos to go in the album, these files are worked on to create something fantastic! Black and white, selective colour ( where just one part of the photo is in colour the rest black and white).I shoot two of every group shot, just so that I can transpose heads, eyes, expressions. I always make sure that each person ends up with the correct head!!

After sales service

This is so important, keeping clients informed. The T&Cs’ give an indication of time scale, how long each part of the process takes. I am often chasing people for their orders. I had one couple who waited four years to order their pictures after several emails and FB messages. Obviously this is something to avoid as I cannot guarantee that prices will remain the same.

How much deposit?

Just £100.00 to book Nigel Crump Photography. You don’t pay the balance until two weeks before the wedding. If enough notice is given the money is returnable less deposit.

Customer satisfaction

Important part of running a business, a lot of my work comes by word and mouth. I am more than happy to give a list of emails to any couple and they can contact the client direct. It is easy to post lots of testimonials, but are they legitimate?

Finally there are no guarantees in life, you have to go with your gut feeling. The first meeting/conversation will give you a good idea if you are going to get on with your wedding photographer. We as professionals have to be patient, well-mannered, reliable and have a smile on his/her face, even in adversity.

At the end of the day it is your choice, but be absolutely certain, dont prioritise on price. Even though budget is important, it is should not be the first priority.



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