Why is your day so special?

A lot of planning goes into a wedding day. Not just the day either, but the timeline leading up to it and the days aterwards. It can be daunting for many and unless you enjoy being chief organiser and you dont get help it can be overwelming.

It is very important to write notes and have a plan. When you go and see your various suppliers keep a dossier of the conversation. There may be parts of a service that one supplier offers that may become attractive later on. It is very difficult to remember who offered what. Most suppliers will have a price list and a tariff of the services tiers. Always ask for the best price for a particualer service, also ask about payment schemes. Nigel Crump Photography will request just £100.00 deposit to secure a booking, the balance is due much futher down the line, freeing up your much needed cash.

You will over time gather lots of notes, price lists, tariffs and offers. Keep them in order of preference. As a photographer I offer the following :-

  • A pre-wedding portrait session, with a selected print mounted and presented for signatures and wishes from guests at the reception
  • 50 Thank you cards
  • A personal wooden 8GB USB stick presented in a matching box with all images
  • An A4 proof book for you to select your pictures for the final album
  • Various album packages, if you require
  • A shooting list ( spread sheet) so that we dont miss a shot
  • A second shooter at no extra cost
  • Satisfaction, reliability and customer service from over 40 years in business
  • The price you are quoted is the price you pay and that is held for 36 months


If you start planning your wedding day too early you will never remeber all the suppliers you meet and we are all very different. Dont give yourself too many choices 5-6 would be a maximum. Ask yourself what makes this offer different from any of the others. You may have a wants list and if a certain suppliers ticks most of the boxes, go with your gut feeling.

Always ask for T&C’s from any supplier. This ensures that they are reliable and professional. Dont get caught out assuming something. Get everything down in writing.

Most importantly is enjoy the day. Dont get wound up if things go wrong and sometimes they do!! It may not be anyones fault, but deal with it in a calm manner and often things look better the next day.

Check, check and double check on all of your suppliers. Speak to them on the phone, not by email at least the week leading up to your wedding day.

Ask about illness or sickness if your supplier is a sole trader. I was covering a wedding a few years back and my mother was rushed to hospital. I rang a good friend who happens to be a very good wedding photograher and he stepped in to cover the evenings events. I would also do the same if it occured.

I hope this helps with your planning. The time leading up to your wedding will go very quickly but if you have planned it properly it will be a day to remember.

Good luck with your wedding day. If you want any other help please do not hesitate to email or call me. I cover all areas in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. I do travel further afield but do charge for travel.





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