Planning your wedding day

Where do you start? Well first of all, you and your partner will agree a date, that may depend on lots of considerations, your job, holidays, your present situation. How long does it take to save up?

You will need to discuss the details with your families, who pays for what. Most couples that I meet will have lived together for a certain length of time. You may consider once married you want children, or maybe move house. Again I have met couples who will be planning several things at once. A wedding alone takes alot of preparation and planning and indeed cost.

Set yourself a budget for every item, it will no doubt exceed as you move forward. It may be then that you have to decide what is important to you both. Venues are one of the first things once you have a date. It is then you will have in your mind number of guests. This may restrict certain venues on numbers.

Church or civil ceremony? Both services are spectacular and it is worth weighing up cost on both options.  It you go for a venue with accomodation it will allow guests to book rooms, there will be more time saved to enjoy the day without worrying about all your guests getting from one place to another, also when it is time to go to bed.

The weather may play a part in your day, it wont spoil the day, but having a contingency plan for wet weather is important. The photographs will need to be considered at this point and this is where your professional will come into their own. Dealing with any condition is key to getting good photos. Again planning is what should have taken place before the day.

Make sure your guests are well looked after and enjoy the day, almost as much as you will. Remember you should make the time during the day to get around to all of your guests, during the meal and at the reception, they will thank you for it.

Most important thing is enjoy the day, all the planning and adjusting before the day will make everything go smoothly ENJOY and have a good life.G&MW__546


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