Nigel Crump Commercial Photographer

For over thirty-five years Nigel Crump has attended some amazing weddings and produced memorable photographs for clients and friends. Now in 2018 he has the pleasure to be shooting a wedding for a groom who’s Mum and Dad tied the knot around 30 years ago, again using Nigel as their preferred choice.

Nowadays Nigel continues to run DWP Imaging Ltd with his business partner John Larkin. The company operated out of Luton from 1969 until 2015. It has since moved its studio base to Wingrave in the heart of Buckinghamshire. 2019 brings up a significant moment of operating in the world of corporate photography for fifty years, yes fifty years!!! A real achievement you will agree and the business continues to flourish despite technology and demand changing so dramatically.

Nigel has ceased to trade as a wedding photographer although he still does the occasional special request. ” It is nice to get my weekends back and as I rack up the numbers, energy levels aren’t what they were” he says. On average a typical wedding would involve around forty hours of time from start to finish.

“In the commercial world you are dealing with companies and taking a brief of what is required. Weddings can allow one to be quite creative and I always look for the unusual shot. The real moment came when delivering the album and seeing the couple’s faces when they relive their moments, the images jump off the page and that was so rewarding”.

And so to the future…..

Commercial photography will always be the mainstay of DWP Imaging Ltd. Capabilities in both studio and location photography offering a bespoke service to Milton Keynes, Tring, Leighton Buzzard, Aylesbury, Hemel Hempstead, Oxford and surrounding areas. Only 40 minutes from London and an integral part of The Commercial Photographers Network ( CPN ) which extends across all of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

DWP Imaging Ltd are members of a 15 photographer network offering large corporate organisations the ability to undertake large projects, both managing and carrying out the work to ensure that there is continuity. These are managed in such a way that quality and affordability are key elements in the final production.

Nigel has also done tours, taking groups of people into London and offering a cultural lesson into the history of the streets of London and advice on how to capture aspects of London Life. It is very rewarding and although they turn into long days with alot of walking we add fun and everyone comes away with some fantastic images.East End 29-3-14_MG_6519

East End 29-3-14_MG_6480

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