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Wedding photography is so saturated with people offering to capture your day for very little cost. You have to ask your self.  Would you really risk something so important on the basis of a special low price? Sometimes you will strike lucky but invariably the end result and the poor customer service is really why the costs are low.

As a full time tog I know what it takes to get good information beforehand and be assured and confident that I will get the pictures you want. The results of many years experience proves that customers love my work. They like how I work and will recommend me to their friends and family.

Photography truly is Nigel’s passion.

Nigel is the Founder of the thriving Wingrave Photographic Interest Club in Buckinghamshire.

Nigel understands it is ultimately the photographer’s responsibility to capture what a client needs and expects. It’s a huge task to get things right, and Nigel’s professionalism, preparation, attention to detail and calming manner guarantee a successful result. Anyone can take a picture; it takes less than a second. Its all the things before and after that makes the difference. Being in business means the client get a wholly professional service, with the confidence that Nigel is working on your behalf.

Nigel lives in Wingrave, Buckinghamshire with his wife and daughter. His other passion is hot-air ballooning which always makes great photo opportunities. The colour, the sounds and excitement of travelling lighter than air is truly exhilarating.

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