Portraits and head shots

Welcome to Nigel Crump Photography

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on location and in the studio

Creative portraits are my favourite thing to do, especially when the lighting is working in my favour. I can create sympathetic lighting to give mood and feel to the subject. Hannah had such pale skin and the photos needed to reflect this
Working with Lisa was great fun and the lighting enhanced her beauty and strength of a woman working her magic with hiula hoops
A simple head shot of Georgina using soft front light and a hair light giving separation from the background
Carla came to the studio with lots of ideas and she worked her hula hoops in synch with my lighting to give an impressive result
Heather Matt and the kids at Rushmere Forest Linslade, Beds. Great location for outdoor portraiture
Working with Anna was a dream, she knew the poses and how to work the camera
Fun with hula hoops in the studio
Hang Gliding at Dunstable downs on a frosty morning

 Photography Tuition tours to london

Its going to be a long time until you get an opportunity to get this shot again due to building work on Big Ben
London eye is always a focus for cameras. This is shot from Victoria Embankment
London Bridge at night is so beautiful with lights and movement on the river
Wilstone Revervoir a place of solitute with an early morning mist
Learn how to Levitate

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