A Professional’s Top Tips

There are many things to consider when engaging the services of a professional Photographer. Does he or she understand your requirements? Is he or she approachable and confident in what they do. Will they be an asset to making your day memorable? Are they equipped to deal with changeable weather conditions?

Employ a professional

From the venue, the location, the style you like, and for many the budget are all important aspects to the wedding. Nigel Crump will offer advice and guidance and how best to budget for your wedding.

With the advent of digital photography came the satisfaction that we as professionals take many more pictures than the good old days of film and film processing. It is true but I would never consider that by taking more photos means I have done a better job. Carefully constructed photographs take no longer than lots of the same set. I will undoubtedly take two or more of each group only because people close their eyes more often when they are relaxed. Often I will do some post-production work on the files to show everyone with eyes open.

So professional means peace of mind, experience means getting the job done correctly and can often mean pre-empting anything that might go awry.

In Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire Nigel has worked at numerous venues and knows the best angles and best light, he has worked in tight spaces and found suitable locations for pictures that may not be at either venue chosen for your wedding. So all in all using a professional photographer is not an option, it is choosing the right one.


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